practicing anatomy by drawing serial killers AUs

have some evil lesbian queens

suicidal-sandwiches asked: hi there so I was wondering, if you weren't currently swamped with commissions, would you draw me a fem!destiel?

Hi, sorry I don’t really take requests!

dean-nerdy-and-flirty asked: OMC! im crying, ive seen your art before&ive always saved it,but then i found your accountsn and now im spamming my followers with all of your art on my ig account. Destiel_cockles3 I love you so much. im a huge fan of your destiel art

Aaaaww thank you for such a nice message! Also your poor followers! I hope they’re not scarred for life bc of all that fanart :D Thanks once again <3

I don’t really wanna do anything other than redrawing gintama caps

Anons requested Destiel kisses so I decided to make some kind of serial killers AU out of this. 

+ nsfw 

plaidcas asked: I would love to see Simon kissing Kieren on the shoulder!

a-la-orilla-del-rio asked: i need more Murahimu! with 9!


It’s more like sleepy neck nuzzling than neck kisses but hey, both is good.

Ooops thank you but I’m not a fan of these pairings!